How to search the library catalogue

  • To access the library catalogue type in ‘’ into your browser. The catalogue works best with the Chrome or Edge browsers.

  • You will be taken to the library homepage. 

    Library homepage

  • To search the catalogue use the top search box.

  • The default is to search for the words anywhere in the library catalogue. You can refine your search by selecting an option from the dropdown menu. E.g Author to search by author’s name.

    Author name search

  • Type in your search terms e.g. title of book or journal, author’s name, subject heading, ISBN

    Search by author name
  •  Press return or the green ‘go’ button. Go button   Leave the option set to ‘All libraries’.

  •  A list of results will be displayed.

    Search results list

  • Results can be refined via the box on the left of the screen. E.g. ‘Item types’ can be used to refine the results to only books written by John Wrigley. Click on the attribute you want to refine by and the results will automatically be refined to include only items which meet the attribute.

  • Click on the title of items (in bold and blue font) to view further details.

    Example of item results

  • Further details about an item will be displayed.

    Detailed record of library item

  • To view the availability of an item, look at the light grey box at the bottom of the screen under the heading ‘Status’.

  • If there’s an available item you’d like to borrow, make a note of the call number which is displayed under the heading ‘Call number’. 
    Availability of item

  • An advanced search can also be performed from the homepage. Click on the blue ‘Advanced search’ link under the search box.

  • A screen with many more options will be displayed.

  • Construct your search in the same way you would for a basic search, adding in extra details to refine the results.
    Advanced search

  • To view the search history of a session, click on ‘Search history’ at the top right of the page.

    Search history button

  • To access the results list of a previous search, simply click on the blue link under the ‘Search’ heading and the results will be displayed.
    Search history

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